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During the Lengow Ecommerce Day, we spoke about a new service on the platform which is available to Lengow customers: Lengow Campaign Tracking

Lengow Campaign Tracking is a new tool which can be used by merchants to track all their marketing campaigns.

The advantage of this new tool is that merchants will be able to analyze all the data from their online web-marketing campaigns (affiliation, newsletters, SEM, Tickets, or any clicking actions which can be tracked) and not just the data from their product catalog.

This new system will make it possible to optimize various online marketing activities within the Lengow solution. Providing various performance indicators in real-time across all campaigns: sales, clicks, acquisition costs and profitability of actions…

Lengow will centralize and collect the data, providing a global overview of all the marketing channels the merchant wants within a user friendly interface.

Within the coming weeks, many additional developments will be made to enhance the functionalities of this tracking solution in order to achieve a very sophisticated level of analysis, providing different views such as buying tunnels, conversion tunnels or behavioral transformation.

The business model of this new product will be based on clicks, each merchant will be able to credit their account with packs of clicks to use for their campaigns, every merchant using Lengow will receive a free pack of 10 000 clicks to test this new product!

Lengow Campaign tracking is an additional service which is added to the Lengow platform, it will allow merchants to go further in the global tracking of their web marketing campaigns.

This product will be available in your accounts in the coming days, our account managers are available for you for further explanations, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about the tool!

Lengow celebrated its 3rd anniversary on the 1st of July! The moment has therefore arrived to make an assessment of the situation after 3 years.

The team:

Currently, Lengow counts 42 employees: 22 jobs were created over the past 12 months. Staff have been recruited on two different ways: on the one hand, recruiting has been done in Canada with the opening of a North-American office held by Virginie de Malavois, former Sales Director at Shopping.com, and on the other hand, staff have been recruited in Paris with the opening, in early 2012, of an office dedicated to the European operations, held by Nenad Cetkovic, former South Eupore MD at Affilinet.

We are proud to create jobs. We feel like taking part to the domestic businesses with some pride which is emphasized thanks to the quality of the team. Every day, the team shows that this is the essential element to make a startup success.

Lengow is about to hire several news employees in 2012, in different activity fields: sales, web development, etc.

The Clients:

Now present in 14 countries worldwide, our systems index 68 millions products every day and 15 000 feeds on more than 750 supports in the world. Lengow helps this way the 800 clients who trust us (vs. 400 a year ago; our growth therefore raised by 100% in one year) to index and optimize their products catalogues in the best conditions possible.

This year, Galeries Lafayette, ToyRus, Lafuma, Oxbow, Ellos and Eider are some of our big references.

A solution in constant changes:

The will of the team is to support the clients in order to face new issues. The R&D department brings constantly evolutions to the solution, proposes new features and innovates every day. The motivation remains the support to the merchants so that they can sell better and more!

This year, a lot of innovations came and completed the solution:

  • The creation and management of emailing campaigns thanks to the integration of API such as MailChimp or YourMailingListProvider, in order to provide new ways to use the products calalogue,
  • The launch of a tool that propels e-retailers on mobile. This tool makes possible the automatic creation of an m-commerce store directly from a merchant’s products catalogue,
  • The enhancement of the tools for Marketplaces by integrating several Marketplaces such as LaRedoute, Cdiscount, Play.com or Brandalley,
  • New features have been developed to help merchants with stock control, free templates for eBay and PriceMinister or the management of the invoices within the solution and orders’ API XML,
  • The launch of some interesting features such as  the measure of number of products displays on comparison shopping site, or TagCapsule with allows to encapsulate all the site trackers in a single and unique tracker,
  • And the last innovation: Lengow proposes RTB and AdExchange tools and makes available a new dashboard to enable merchants to have an actual management board of their e-shop.
  • What about the future?

What about the future?

It is full of projects that Lengow enters into its fourth year. Here are some projects to come:

We have strong ambitions for the product we want to develop to touch on new aspects of e-commerce and therefore propose e-merchants solutions to help them daily. Indeed, Lengow has e-retailers’ most important thing: the products catalogue! It is therefore necessary to help them to use it in the best way possible.

Lengow also has great ambitions for the European and North American markets in order to make Lengow known as the reference in the management of e-commerce products catalogues.

It is a big challenge but we love that and we are going to do our utmost to succeed.

Many changes for the staff are coming as well: the teams of Paris and Nantes are moving in brand new offices in the two cities. The company will hire several employees by the end of the year to strengthen our staff’s skills on several markets.

Many thanks again

Every year, I can’t help thanking everyone who helps us daily so that this adventure can be the greatest possible. I am also grateful to our close families who support us every day.

Once again, many thanks to the Lengow’s team and its hard and great work #heartswiththefingers (private joke ;))

I can’t name all the persons who help us and all our partners but to all of them THANK YOU.

Thanks to Alven Capital and Kima Venture for trusting and giving us the means we need to succeed!

At last but not least, I especially thank the city of Nantes (France) who welcomed us and continues to surprise us every day.

« Rendez-vous » next year with a lot of surprises until then ;)

Mickael, Jérémie & the Lengow’s team.

In upheaval, the market for online display advertising in 2012 is currently undergoing enormous mutations. Now, buying and selling advertising spaces take place on marketplaces called Ad Exchanges. To manage these campaigns on these advertising marketplaces, purchases and sales take place in real time via tools called RTB (Real Time Bidding).

Aware that this upheaval of advertising would also involve online retailers, Lengow makes his universal TagCapsule tracker compatible with  AdExchange and RTB systems.

Merchants using the Lengow solution can now quickly install the trackers of these players on their web pages thanks to universal TagCapsule tracker.

Each tracker Sociomantic, Gamned, AppNexus or ZeBestOf is included within TagCapsule and available in a few clicks.



For a few months, Lengow has proposed an API which has allowed you to recover and run all your statistics and orders on marketplaces and other distributors.

In order to go further, Lengow now puts forward an evolution of its API that enables to manage part of your account via a PHP Wrapper (ASP/ASP.net coming soon).

Each account can now amend all its information and run by distance its feeds to create VIP accounts or change the CPC options of its feed and categories.

Available now within each Lengow account, an entire documentation is at your disposal!

Methods and actions available:

• Update
• History


• Create
• Update

• Create
• Update


• Listing
• Update status

For several months, Lengow has offered online retailers the capability to dynamically create newsletters using their product catalogues.

It made sense that these retailers should also have the ability to send their customers their best product offers by email!

In each newsletter created, the retailer can determine which products will be included and, using an HTML template, define the colours and format.

In addition, Lengow has now launched its emailing routing module in Beta version!

We have gone even more technologically in-depth by adding an email routing API for email management software including MailChimp, YourMailingListProvider and CampaignMonitor!

Retailers can now generate product-based newsletters using their catalogues and send them to their customers directly from Lengow!

Within Lengow, the creation and management of emailing campaigns is pushed to the maximum:

- Creation of unlimited newsletters
- Management of newsletter templates
- Management of newsletter drafts
- Management of “press-ready” newsletters
- Choice of segments
- Import statistics of sent newsletters

Thanks to this tool, the creation/optimization/distribution of email campaigns can be done quickly and easily!

With MailChimp, YourMailingListProvider and Campaign Monitor, Lengow covers most of the mail routing on the market, with many more to come!

With this new module, Legow offers another innovative tool within the solution which allows retailers to centralize all their webmarketing campaigns.

For several months, Lengow has allowed you to centralize all your marketplace orders within one single interface – your Marketplace Dashboard.

From this centralized location, you can view your orders, accept or refuse them and also confirm shipping.

In addition to this, it is now possible to also view your PayPal transactions directly within this interface.

You now have the ability to view your eBay orders and also all of your PayPal transactions together, providing you not only with full details of your total balance and each transaction – but also enabling you to take action on these transactions (refunds, cancellations, etc).

Lengow offers a unique interface for online retailers, enabling them to manage all orders completed on different distribution channels, and on marketplaces in particular!

In order to distribute your products on multiple channels, you need to provide a product catalogue generally in XML or CSV format. This enables the partner site to insert your products on their platform.

Lengow helps merchants to structure, optimize and track their product catalogue on different partner sites.

In order to go even further and continue to offer innovative tools to online retailers wanting to sell their products on multiple channels, Lengow has now launched FeedCreator.

This completely free tool allows merchants to create their source feed directly in the Lengow solution.


For instance, an eBay PowerSeller merchant, a wholesaler or a supplier can now create their own product catalogue (as many as they wish) in Lengow, without having an e-commerce store!

The creation of products is done directly within the Lengow solution in an easy and intuitive way, so retailers can add their inventory in Lengow and be able to sell on all any marketplace!

So here we are; Lengow is celebrating its 2nd year of life, its first two candles. Lengow is 2 years old!

As we did the year before, it was important for us to take a small step back in order to provide a report of the past 12 months and to see that, once again, Lengow has reached some important milestones.

It’s important sometimes to stop and revel in all that you’ve accomplished.

THE Team

A company is nothing without that which makes up its heart and soul, the essence of its success: its team. Lengow is now a company having more than 20 employees. There were only 8 of us in July 2010, and we have effectively doubled our workforce since then.

We are quite proud of this because, without beating around the bush, it’s important for us to create employment. When you set up a company, you do it for this reason too, and it’s a particular and an extremely enjoyable feeling to know that the employees of your company are happy to be there and are invested and glad to all be working together.

We predict a lot more recruitment for 2011, in France and also in other countries. We can’t wait for these new people to arrive!

Thanks to Kevin, Laure, Elodie, Benoit, Hervé, David, Damien, Tristan, Rozenn, Guillaume, Mélanie, Christelle, Nabil, Marine, Morgan, Clémence, Nadia, Dalila, Kathryn and Kimberly. Lengow wouldn’t be what it is without you!

The Clients

This year has been full of new signatures! Even if the competition is fierce, our clients have chosen to sign with Lengow and nowhere else.

The constant trust that’s been placed in us has reconfirmed the fact that we do help online retailers every day and that our solution provides an answer to a real need.

We now have more than 400 clients in France as well as in Germany and the UK. We have effectively doubled our number of clients in just 12 months.

The Solution

So much evolution!

We’ve spent a lot of time developing the solution and we continue to do so every day, all for one single objective: help the retailers!

Thanks to them, we’ve established a large number of elite functionalities which are still offered by us alone! Certain competitors think they can accomplish the same task as Lengow, but many features of the solution have been around for a while and have yet to be copied.

The solution has reached maturity, but why stop there?? We have a reputation for being a bit hyperactive here at Lengow. We rarely stop and we’re always looking for the next technical innovation which will make all the difference. We’re constantly making improvements in order to become a major reference in the e-commerce sector.

This year we’ve also begun developing our other new products, such as TagCapsule. This is our universal tracker which allows a retailer to no longer have to manage multiple trackers on a daily basis, such as those for Adwords, Analytics, Criteo, Shopping.com or Xiti.

In order to spread the word and warn the masses, we won’t stop! Lengow is a company of techies and geeks, passionate about innovation. Our leading motive is to incessantly offer these innovations to retailers – we live for this and this alone!

Be ready to keep up with the rhythm, these past two years have only been the beginning!

The World

This past year has also seen the launch of two countries back to back: the UK and Germany.

Since January 2011, we’ve launched ourselves into these two countries in order to confront the two biggest e-commerce markets in Europe. We’re delighted about the initial results as they’ve helped us to realize that Lengow has a strong hand to play in these two countries!

2011 will also see the opening of several other countries, complete with physical installations. We’ll be opening offices in the principal European countries!

The month of October will also see the establishment of Lengow in Canada, as we’ll be opening an office in Montreal with a dream team who’ll definitely make some noise!

Of course, we’ve still got the USA in our sights for 2012, and it’s our sworn objective to succeed in penetrating this complex market, which is a gigantic but exciting task to tackle!

The Future

The future of Lengow will see a strengthening of our solution in order to progress even further with the functionalities. We have a ton of ideas and we intend to launch them very soon!

As we said, we’ll also see the opening of several countries in Europe and an office in North America. This is a great challenge which has presented itself and we’re motivated to approach it in the best possible way. We’re more than ready to climb this mountain!!

But of course the bright future of Lengow is also thanks to Alven Capital. As you probably know, Lengow has gone through a second round of funding with $1.8 million from Alven Capital. Locked down in just 3 months, this second round gives us the opportunity to steadily continue our growth while also reaching an important new milestone: the international stage.

We are delighted to welcome Alven to our capital. Alven is the perfect partner for Lengow, and we were hooked from the very beginning. They’re the financial partner Lengow needed to continue to grow.

We thank them for their trust in us and we hope we won’t disappoint them!

Kima Ventures, with whom we underwent our first round of funding, of course remains within the Lengow capital and we’re very proud of this fact. As indispensable partner to the company, they help us every day and have become an important asset to Lengow. Kima knows how grateful we are to them, but we’ll say it again: Thank you.

Thank you …

It’s difficult to sufficiently thank everyone for the precious help and support we receive every day. It’s really important to us.

First of all, and once again, thank you to all the members of the Lengow team, relentlessly hard-working and with whom it’s a pleasure to work day in and day out. They deserve the utmost respect!

We’d also liked to thank our clients, who trust us every day with the management of their product catalogues. Your trust is our driving force.

On the other side of the feed, we have to thank all our partners who are also very important to us and who, for the most part, haven’t hesitated to follow us and give us their confidence since the beginning.

As you know, Lengow is a company based in Nantes, France. For the past 15 months, we’ve been welcomed like kings by the web world in Nantes, which is clearly one of the best web company pools in France, after Paris. Almost like a second family, they’ve given us so much and we could never thank them enough!

A huge thank you to Julien, Jérémie, Vincent, François, Adrien, Magalie, Guillaume, Floran, Béné and all the others we’ve forgotten, don’t hold it against us, you guys are awesome!!

And finally, of course we have to thank our respective families and faithful friends, for whom daily life isn’t easy when you drink/eat/sleep Lengow!

Thank you for all your support, we’re doing this for you too!

We’ll meet again next year for number 3 of our annual reports! But don’t worry; you’ll continue to hear about us until then!

Jérémie, Mickael and all the Lengow Team

New: Automatic adjustment of indexation times

Since the creation of the solution, Lengow has allowed its online retailers to choose the exact hour and minute at which we update the indexation of their product catalogues.

The merchant chooses these times himself, and each e-commerce site has its own policy regarding catalogue updates.

As an extra feature, we have launched a new tool which automatically adjusts the indexation time of the merchant’s source catalogue to the best possible hour so that the distributor receives a fresh feed that’s 100% up-to-date.

If the comparison shopping site comes to retrieve the e-tailer’s feed at 10:45 pm, we’ll calibrate an indexation of the source feed at 10:15 pm, which will be done automatically!

With this new tool, we’re going to extra mile to help merchants provide a completely optimized and updated feed to the different channels on which they’re listing.

Lengow currently indexes more than 35 million products and more than 6,700 feeds every day.

As everyone knows, it’s important to thoroughly analyze the profitability of your products when you index them on comparison shopping sites, affiliate platforms, marketplaces, etc.

Lengow has always offered a powerful segmentation tool, which allows you to precisely select exactly which products you’d like to display on each chosen distribution channel.

In parallel, Lengow offers a tracking solution which permits an accurate viewing of the profitability of each product/category on each channel.

In order to progress even further, Lengow has now combined these two features!

PRODUCTS                      STATISTICS                          FEED


You can precisely choose to index, for example, only your products which have generated at least 50 sales in the last X days, and all this in real time!

You therefore have the possibility to diffuse only the products which are profitable on each channel, thus optimizing your profitability every day!

This new filter naturally includes all profitability settings, such as the ROI, margin, conversion rate, clicks, cost, sales and turnover.

To illustrate, here are a few examples of what you can do:

-          Index only the products which have generated at least 150 sales over the last 30 days

-          Index only the products which have generated an ROI superior to X over the last 90 days

-          Index only the products which have not exceeded a budget of £ 100 over the last 7 days

This new feature is now available within the Segmentation section of each Lengow client account!


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