As everyone knows, it’s important to thoroughly analyze the profitability of your products when you index them on comparison shopping sites, affiliate platforms, marketplaces, etc.

Lengow has always offered a powerful segmentation tool, which allows you to precisely select exactly which products you’d like to display on each chosen distribution channel.

In parallel, Lengow offers a tracking solution which permits an accurate viewing of the profitability of each product/category on each channel.

In order to progress even further, Lengow has now combined these two features!

PRODUCTS                      STATISTICS                          FEED


You can precisely choose to index, for example, only your products which have generated at least 50 sales in the last X days, and all this in real time!

You therefore have the possibility to diffuse only the products which are profitable on each channel, thus optimizing your profitability every day!

This new filter naturally includes all profitability settings, such as the ROI, margin, conversion rate, clicks, cost, sales and turnover.

To illustrate, here are a few examples of what you can do:

-          Index only the products which have generated at least 150 sales over the last 30 days

-          Index only the products which have generated an ROI superior to X over the last 90 days

-          Index only the products which have not exceeded a budget of £ 100 over the last 7 days

This new feature is now available within the Segmentation section of each Lengow client account!