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New: Automatic adjustment of indexation times

Since the creation of the solution, Lengow has allowed its online retailers to choose the exact hour and minute at which we update the indexation of their product catalogues.

The merchant chooses these times himself, and each e-commerce site has its own policy regarding catalogue updates.

As an extra feature, we have launched a new tool which automatically adjusts the indexation time of the merchant’s source catalogue to the best possible hour so that the distributor receives a fresh feed that’s 100% up-to-date.

If the comparison shopping site comes to retrieve the e-tailer’s feed at 10:45 pm, we’ll calibrate an indexation of the source feed at 10:15 pm, which will be done automatically!

With this new tool, we’re going to extra mile to help merchants provide a completely optimized and updated feed to the different channels on which they’re listing.

Lengow currently indexes more than 35 million products and more than 6,700 feeds every day.

As everyone knows, it’s important to thoroughly analyze the profitability of your products when you index them on comparison shopping sites, affiliate platforms, marketplaces, etc.

Lengow has always offered a powerful segmentation tool, which allows you to precisely select exactly which products you’d like to display on each chosen distribution channel.

In parallel, Lengow offers a tracking solution which permits an accurate viewing of the profitability of each product/category on each channel.

In order to progress even further, Lengow has now combined these two features!

PRODUCTS                      STATISTICS                          FEED


You can precisely choose to index, for example, only your products which have generated at least 50 sales in the last X days, and all this in real time!

You therefore have the possibility to diffuse only the products which are profitable on each channel, thus optimizing your profitability every day!

This new filter naturally includes all profitability settings, such as the ROI, margin, conversion rate, clicks, cost, sales and turnover.

To illustrate, here are a few examples of what you can do:

-          Index only the products which have generated at least 150 sales over the last 30 days

-          Index only the products which have generated an ROI superior to X over the last 90 days

-          Index only the products which have not exceeded a budget of £ 100 over the last 7 days

This new feature is now available within the Segmentation section of each Lengow client account!

The 2011 summer sales started today in France, and the Lengow team has been working hard since 6am to support our retailers regarding the distribution of their products on comparison shopping sites as well as on marketplaces, affiliate platforms and social networks.

It’s indeed a big day for online retailers – one that’s not to be missed!

The first half of the day has been extremely busy. Here are a just few numbers to illustrate what Lengow has accomplished so far today (as of 2pm):

-          18.5 million products indexed on more than 5,500 feeds

-          350,000 clicks tracked

-          6,400 orders generated

-          € 1.2 million in turnover cumulated by all our e-tailers

We’ll try to provide a report by the end of the week in order to predict the trends of this year’s summer sales!

Client testimonial: Quiksilver

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Tanguy Honoré, E-business Director for Quiksilver Europe. He tells us about his e-marketing campaign choices, as well as the reasons which convinced him to use Lengow.

- Hello Tanguy, could you please introduce yourself?

Hello Elodie, I’m Tanguy Honoré, I’ve been working at Quiksilver for 13 years and I’m the European Director of B2C websites and of online business development.

I take care of the online management of four brands (websites which include multiple countries (10), multiple languages and multiple currencies)

- www.quiksilver-store.com

- www.roxy-europe.com

- www.DCshoes-store.com

- And our newest store: www.moskova.com, which you can discover starting the 4th of July.

- On which e-marketing channels do you position yourselves and why?

We are present on all e-marketing channels which are compatible with the corporate image of the Quiksilver brand; that is to say, those which are compatible with the purchasing methods of our customers.

We use Adwords campaigns, which are the most efficient and bring us a lot of traffic.

We also work with affiliate platforms and some comparison shopping sites.

We have other internal channels as well, which require the management of formatted feeds.

- What are the daily problems encountered in this type of feed management?

Before Lengow, we had big problems managing our campaigns. We spent an incredible amount of time managing the different functionalities of each distributor and we weren’t able to visualize the profitability of our products.

- How did Lengow help you to solve these problems?

Thanks to Lengow, we have a single tool which manages our 80 feeds and, above all else, we can quickly see the profitability of our products. The tool is easy to use and we often run trials on certain distribution channels according to the advice of our account manager. Unfortunately, despite the amount of time we save, I haven’t yet had a chance to use all the features of the solution.

- What advice would you give to an e-tailer looking to list on comparison shopping sites/affiliate platforms?

There’s no point in spending time starting from scratch when there are providers like Lengow who do their job well and can save us a lot of time.

Thank you Tanguy for your testimonial!

Following the launch of a plug-in for Magento stores, Lengow has released a free API which allows you to quickly and automatically import your orders sold on each marketplace to your Prestashop store.

Now available without any set-up required on your part, you can benefit from this API simply by activating the option within your Prestashop store (>1.4) as well as in your Lengow account! It’s fast and easy!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, we would be happy to help you to set everything up!

Just a reminder that Lengow gives you the possibility to sell your products on the main UK and European marketplaces:

• PixPlace
• eBay
• Amazon
• Rueducommerce
• Fnac.com
• Windil
• 2xmoinscher.com
• PriceMinister.com
• Born
• e-citizen
• Green Republic
• FrenchLuxe.fr
• AchetezUtile.fr

To manage all your orders within a unified interface, Lengow offers a Marketplace Dashboard, which allows you to view and control each order placed on the different marketplaces.

Lengow now allows you to sell all your products on the marketplace eBay, in the UK, Europe and abroad.

Many functionalities have been put in place in order to enable quick uploading of your ads as well as order retrieval within a unified interface.

One of the key factors in obtaining successful eBay sales is to have a high-quality, clean ad.

To ensure this for our clients, Lengow has established a partnership with a company specialized in creating eBay ads: Sonuts

Sonuts.net, accredited by eBay France, was formed in 2009 by the company SoPeach, located in Aix en Provence in the South of France.

They are specialized in the implementation of sales strategies on eBay and in the design of high-impact eBay stores.

The company offers a complete eBay Store Pack at €690 tax excl.

This offer includes the graphic design of 3 pages: Homepage + category page + product page

  • Integration of a keywords search engine
  • Carousel of 12 products (free for 3 months)
  • On the product page:
  • 4 large format photos + Zoom
  • Dynamic category menu
  • Module tabs Presentation Delivery Payment

The advantages of the professional store pack

You make your offer more professional and increase your conversion rate.

You promote your brand on one of the world’s primary e-commerce sites.

A special Lengow offer also allows e-tailers to benefit from free Widgets for 9 months! That’s a savings of €260!

These widgets allow eBay store pack to be completed with 3 functionalities:

  • In the spotlight – Promotion of star products
  • Cross-selling – Promotion of the best sales per category
  • Feedback – Promotion of positive feedback

FeedBanner: a simple tool to generate banner ads

FeedBanner allows you to create banner ads automatically thanks to your product catalogue.

You can create a product banner quickly and easily directly from one of your Lengow feeds. You can create thematic banners around a category of products in just few clicks. For example, offer your affiliates banners based on headphones!

Choose a product or a category and automatically generate a banner available in several standard sizes (skyscraper, square, simple banner, etc.).

The product information will automatically be displayed on the banner!

You can then modify the design of your banner in order to customize it to the colours of your online store:


The only thing left to do is to copy the HTML code of your banner in order to enter it in your favourite Adserver, such as OpenX or Affiz.

HTML Code of your banner:

This new functionality is now available within the Lengow solution and is completely free for our e-tailers!

Here are a few examples of some banners created using FeedBanner:

Had enough of all those tags?
Would you like to centralize the management of your partner tags?

Use TagCapsule to centralize the complete management of all your trackers!

Thanks to this universal tracker, you no longer have to worry about whether your tag has been correctly placed, if it works properly or if it’s going to clash with other tags.

TagCapsule enables you to place one unique tag on the pages of your website and then distribute the trackers which you have selected within your account.

A unique tracker!

Lengow puts at your disposal a unique tracker which encapsulates all trackers of your partners in the solution. You now only have one tag to manage!

Gone are the days of multiple tags on your website. TagCapsule takes care of centralizing them all within one unique tag to make your life easier!

Complete independence

You no longer have to call upon your technical team to set up tags! You can manage them all by yourself from a simple interface.

You choose which trackers you’d like to encapsulate, and TagCapsule takes care of distributing these trackers with each display.

A time saver

Instead of being weighed down by several trackers, the pages of your website will now include just one tag!

You will therefore save a considerable amount of time when loading your pages.

A complete bank of trackers

TagCapsule has about 20 trackers in its data bank, with many more to come!

Launched last month, the universal tag TagCapsule enables e-tailers to centralize the management of 20 trackers within one unique universal tracker.

Thanks to this universal tracker, you no longer have to worry about whether if this or that tag has been correctly placed, if it works properly or if it’s going to clash with other tags.

TagCapsule allows you to place just one unique tracker on the pages of your e-commerce store and then distribute the selected trackers within the TagCapsule back office.

TagCapsule now integrates trackers from Criteo, the leader in retargeting.

The integration of these trackers is thus easier for e-tailers wanting to work with Criteo.

In a matter of minutes, the trackers can be installed on the different types of the e-commerce site’s pages.

Thanks to TagCapsule, e-tailers can rapidly use Criteo’s services in order to develop their visibility and internet sales.

Personalized Retargeting by Criteo

While they’re browsing your website, Criteo tags each one of your potential customers with an anonymous cookie. This cookie allows information to be collected regarding your visitors’ navigation data, such as the pages they’ve visited and, in some case, the products they’ve purchased.

As soon as they leave your website to navigate other pages, Criteo finds your visitors and retargets them with unique personalized banners ads featuring product recommendations based on their browsing history on your website.

Each Criteo banner is generated in real-time, optimizing the placement and display in order to achieve the highest click-through rate (CTR).  Criteo’s dynamic banner ads bring ready-to-buy shoppers back to your website to complete their transactions.

Launch of Lengow’s WebServices for marketplaces

webservices lengow

Lengow allows e-tailers to index their products on any and every marketplace.

Green Republic

All orders completed on these marketplaces are centralized within a Marketplace Dashboard.

Each order can therefore be accepted/refused/cancelled/sent directly from Lengow’s unified interface.

In order to progress even further, Lengow has put in place a series of WebServices complementary to the API already in place, which will allow e-tailers to manage their orders in Lengow directly from their e-commerce back office.

E-tailers can modify the statuses of their orders directly from their e-commerce platform, in interaction with their Lengow account.

Completely secure and free of charge, these WebServices are now available in the API document in your Lengow account!


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