Among the partners of the second edition of Lengow E-commerce Day, we were delighted to welcome Google, who presented a workshop dedicated to Google Remarketing. Led by Catherine Boisset and Leo Sei, it was one of the most popular workshops of the Lengow Ecommerce Day 2014.

Leo Sei, Remarketing and Tag Solutions Engineer, began by reminding us some important stats: one visit to a website is not enough to convert a visitor into a buyer, given that « 96% leave the website without making a conversion, 70% abandon their cart without completing the purchase and 49% visit two to four sites before making a purchase« .

Whether you want to reach customers or prospects who’ve shown some interest (site visit, …), to increase the number of customers and create a more significant relationship with them, or to re-engage with customers with   »with the right message at the right time », remarketing is now a key way to improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

The aim of Google Remarketing is clear: convert site visitors into customers, while improving your return on investment (ROI).

Catherine Boisset, SEEMEA Remarketing Expert, continued the presentation by identifying the three pillars for higher performance according to Google:

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