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Pros & Cons of Marketplace selling

When considering marketplace selling, there are a few things that you might want to think about in order to be sure you’re on the path to success and not making a strategic mistake. You got to know what are the caracteristics of the battlefield and Lengow is here to help you with this.

On your way to success, selling on marketplaces is a mandatory step to drive your business forward. Here are some pros and cons about selling through marketplaces.

Pros :

Audience is Massive : Marketplaces are among the fastest growing ecommerce websites in the world. Amazon, eBay, Pixmania or Rakuten’s PriceMinister receive tens of millions of visitors each month. And this is targeted audience that you can’t ignore.

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The 5 pillars of a sucessful marketplaces strategy

As you may already know, marketplaces are shopping websites where online buyers choose among thousands of third-party e-tailers in a secure and optimized interface for business. eBay and Amazon are the most famous marketplaces of them all.

Here are the 5 pillars of marketplaces that you should understand and remember at all time when selling through online marketplaces.


1°) Traffic :

Traffic is key for marketplaces, it determines their attractivness from an online merchant point-of-view. Marketplaces are able to generate millions of unique visitors each month because they aggregate products from thousands of sellers. As a counter-part, it becomes a very efficient tool for merchants to gain visibility and acquire targeted audience, with high buying intention.

e.g. : Just a year ago, Amazon declared 19.5 million unique visitors in June 2012, 17.5 for eBay, 6.6 for Pixmania and more than 4.6 for Play.

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