The solution for better profitability of your online campaigns!

Distribute your product catalogues on all comparison shopping sites, marketplaces, affiliate networks, social networks and sponsored links!

From £99 per month

Manage your marketplace sales through one centralized interface!

Index your products on different marketplaces and manage your orders through one Saas centralized interface. Then import your orders in your back-office system via a dedicated API.

From £39 per month

Create your Google Adwords campaigns with your product catalogue!

Save a precious amount of time by automatically generating your Google Adwords ads, keywords, campaigns thanks to your product catalogue feed.

From £99 per month

Index your product catalogue on more than 140 Comparison Search Enginess!

With more than 140 channels, Lengow allows you to index your products
on all Price Comparaison Sites in France and throughout Europe.

From £99 per month

Create an e-store on your Facebook Fan Page and allow your fans to create wishlists!

Index your product on the e-store of your Facebook Fan Page and allow your fans to create their wishlists.

From £19 per month

Spread your product catalogue to your affiliates and boost your sales!

Are you a publisher or you want to become one of them? With Lengow, spread a part or all your product catalogue in order to extend your visibility on affiliate networks.

From £99 per month

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Index your product catalogue

Generating an optimized feed to match technical requirements is difficult.
With Lengow, generate your feeds automatically from one unique data feed for CSEs, Affiliate Platforms, Marketplaces, Google Adwords or Social Networks.
Save time and make it easy!

Centralize your online marketing

You no longer need to log on to each distributor’s interface to find out the performance of your various feeds. Our solution takes care of centralizing them for you.
Number of clicks, sales or ROI... the Lengow feed management solution gives you a 360° view of your data in real time.

Reduce your acquisition costs

Lengow calculates your return on investment per product and category according to the CPC and the margin that you have indicated in the solution.
So you can control and deactivate products which are the least profitable.
To reduce your acquisition costs, you can automatically manage your campaigns thanks to profitability rules and alerts.

Manage and optimize your products

Lengow is a solution that has been created for traffic and marketing managers.
Without the slightest technical knowledge you can activate or disable products and modify their content. You can plan and schedule your marketing operations beforehand by applying automatic rules.
Increase your visibility and adapt your values to distributors’ positioning criteria.

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