Export your product catalogue

Free Prestashop Plug-in
Export your product catalogue to the Lengow solution.

Find new customers by exporting your product catalogue on price comparison sites!
This module enables you to export your product catalogue in CSV format compatible with the Lengow solution in order to benefit from Lengow’s features.

An easy and quick set-up
1. Download the new plugin V2 available on our dedicated page OR download the v1.4.7 plugin here
This Plug-in was tested on the following Prestashop versions: / / / / 1.4.3 / / / / /  / / / / / / /

Plug-in Version: 1.4.8

2. Unzip the files in the modules directory of your Prestashop installation

OR Use Prestashop Tool

3. Then go to your admin panel:

4. Set Write permissions (CHMOD 777) on those files:


To automatically implement Lengow's conversion tracker on your website if you are a Lengow customer.

5. Edit OrderConfirmationController.php file:
Prestashop et 1.3.X:

In this file, near line 24, just before the line « $smarty->display(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'order-confirmation.tpl'); », Add :

Prestashop 1.4.X:

In the function process(), near line 68, just after line « parent::process(); », Add :
$order = new Order((int)($this->id_order));


your-website displayContent(), near line 83, just before line « parent::displayContent(); », Add :
$order = new Order((int)($this->id_order));
'id_order' => $this->id_order,
'total' => $order->total_paid

Prestashop 1.5.X:

In the function initContent(), near line 90, just before line « $this->setTemplate(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'order-confirmation.tpl'); », Add :
$order = new Order((int)($this->id_order));
'id_order' => $this->id_order,
'total' => $order->total_paid

6. Go to your admin panel and then in the Lengow tab:

7. Go to Back Office > Preferences > Performance : set Force compile to « yes » and Cache to « no ».

8. Do a test order to recreate cache files then re set Force compile to « no » and Cache to « yes ».

Your export is available here: http://www.your-website.com/modules/exportLengow/export.php