Screenshots of Lengow

What does Lengow look like ?
A few screenshots to show you the main features of the Lengow solution
Manage your feeds on a daily basis

Display your feeds according to formats
Activate or disable your products and categories

Schedule when your categories can be viewed
Schedule information about your products

Search/ replace values easily
Edit values thanks to automatic rules

Display the indexing history of each feed
Classify your feeds within private groups

Tweet your products on your timeline
Filter your feeds thanks to segments

Automatically map out your product categories
Edit information about your products

Visualize your profitability

Create automatic budget alerts
Display all of your feeds thanks to the dashboard

Visualize the profitability of your campaigns
Visualize the evolution and the allocation of your campaigns

Select the feeds you wish to see
Sort the statistics according to certain values

Sell on eBay

Customize the design of your ads and shop
Automatically map out your categories of products

Edit and modify your ad characteristics
Manage your eBay orders from the interface

In a few clicks generate your google adwords campaigns

Customize your ad templates
Take a look at the allocated budget

Edit each ad that is generated
Visualize the clicks/ctr statistics