During the Lengow Ecommerce Day, we spoke about a new service on the platform which is available to Lengow customers: Lengow Campaign Tracking

Lengow Campaign Tracking is a new tool which can be used by merchants to track all their marketing campaigns.

The advantage of this new tool is that merchants will be able to analyze all the data from their online web-marketing campaigns (affiliation, newsletters, SEM, Tickets, or any clicking actions which can be tracked) and not just the data from their product catalog.

This new system will make it possible to optimize various online marketing activities within the Lengow solution. Providing various performance indicators in real-time across all campaigns: sales, clicks, acquisition costs and profitability of actions…

Lengow will centralize and collect the data, providing a global overview of all the marketing channels the merchant wants within a user friendly interface.

Within the coming weeks, many additional developments will be made to enhance the functionalities of this tracking solution in order to achieve a very sophisticated level of analysis, providing different views such as buying tunnels, conversion tunnels or behavioral transformation.

The business model of this new product will be based on clicks, each merchant will be able to credit their account with packs of clicks to use for their campaigns, every merchant using Lengow will receive a free pack of 10 000 clicks to test this new product!

Lengow Campaign tracking is an additional service which is added to the Lengow platform, it will allow merchants to go further in the global tracking of their web marketing campaigns.

This product will be available in your accounts in the coming days, our account managers are available for you for further explanations, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about the tool!