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[This article is the second in a series of articles dedicated to Lengow’s newest export modules for the most popular e-commerce platforms. Today, we have decided to introduce Lengow’s plugin for Prestashop].

Following numerous requests and suggestions from our merchants, the Lengow team conducted a major overhaul of the Lengow export module Prestashop. Brand new modules are also available for Magento and WooCommerce (WordPress) too.

New Prestashop module :

TagCapsule’s configuration :

It is now very simple to configure the TagCapsule. You can choose a tracker easily through a drop-down menu, where you can make a choice between the SimpleTag and the TagCapsule.

Export settings :

The configuration of export settings in Prestashop has been greatly improved in order to offer greater simplicity and efficiency.

Currently you can:

  • Export all the products,
  • Export inactive products,
  • Automatically export new products,
  • Export declined products,
  • Export product characteristics,
  • Select the type and the number of images,
  • Export to a file.

Prestashop exports formats :

In your Prestashop back-office, you can select one of the following export formats: CSV, XML, JSON or YAML. We recommend the CSV format.

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New Lengow export module for Magento

[This article is the first in a series of articles dedicated to the new Lengow modules for the most popular e-commerce platforms. Today we present  the Lengow plugin for Magento.]

Following requests and suggestions from our merchants, the Lengow team conducted a major overhaul of the Lengow export modules for Magento and Prestashop. A new module is also now available for WooCommerce WordPress.


Lengow export module V2 for Magento:

The Lengow module for Magento has been completely redesigned to improve and expand the features of  V1.

Once the Lengow module is installed on your Magento back-office (and your cache emptied), you can access new menus in the « Lengow » tab titled “Export configuration » and « Order Management ».

Export types and formats

Once you have your Lengow login information, you will be able to choose the type of tracker to be used (single tracker or TagCapsule) and configure the settings for exporting your product catalogue to Lengow. You can now export products in several ways: in a Bundle, Grouped, Virtual,  simple or configurable product format and in a .XML, .JSON or .YAML. format.

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The Lengow Hub is now available!

Following the announcement of its imminent release on the 3rd April, at the Lengow Ecommerce Day Paris, we are delighted to announce that the Lengow Hub, an online space dedicated to e-retailers, is as of the 16th April, 2014 available.

What is the Lengow Hub?

It is a glossary of e-commerce tools, drivers and actors for all merchants who want to stay up to date, seek new distribution channels and improve their performance!

Since its creation in 2009, Lengow has partnered with many broadcasters. With over 1200 active partnerships, Lengow is in an ideal position to offer the e-commerce community a website containing all the necessary information for online merchants to develop their activity.

On the Lengow Hub you will discover:

  • The best e-commerce tools
  • New marketing levers
  • Additional acquisition channels.

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Among the partners of the second edition of Lengow E-commerce Day, we were delighted to welcome Google, who presented a workshop dedicated to Google Remarketing. Led by Catherine Boisset and Leo Sei, it was one of the most popular workshops of the Lengow Ecommerce Day 2014.

Leo Sei, Remarketing and Tag Solutions Engineer, began by reminding us some important stats: one visit to a website is not enough to convert a visitor into a buyer, given that « 96% leave the website without making a conversion, 70% abandon their cart without completing the purchase and 49% visit two to four sites before making a purchase« .

Whether you want to reach customers or prospects who’ve shown some interest (site visit, …), to increase the number of customers and create a more significant relationship with them, or to re-engage with customers with   »with the right message at the right time », remarketing is now a key way to improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

The aim of Google Remarketing is clear: convert site visitors into customers, while improving your return on investment (ROI).

Catherine Boisset, SEEMEA Remarketing Expert, continued the presentation by identifying the three pillars for higher performance according to Google:

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At this year’s Lengow Ecommerce Day 2014 in Paris, Frédéric Clément , Director of Partnerships at Lengow , took the opportunity to announce the imminent release of a new Web space on the Lengow site: The Lengow Hub. The Lengow Hub is a specialised space for e-merchants, which enables them to quickly and easily find the best tools and partners to enhance their growth both domestically and internationally.

With over 1200 active partnerships, Lengow is in an ideal position to offer a website containing all the necessary information for e-retailers to find the best e-commerce tools, marketing levers and additional or innovate marketing channels.

The main aim of the Lengow Hub is to inform readers of the latest developments relating to e-commerce and upcoming events, and also to provide them with additional tools to those they already have, in order to improve efficiency.

Lengow Hub for e-tailers:

A tool to optimise your efficiency: If you are an e- merchant (or manage an e-commerce site on behalf of your business), you undoubtedly want to grow your business with the right tools and find the appropriate marketing channels to allow you to achieve your growth objectives.

Market intelligence and events: You also want to stay up to date with all news concerning your sector, but you do not have enough time for in depth market research of all aspects of e-commerce and webmarketing.

With the goal of guiding you and making life easier, the Lengow Hub has been designed as a centre of e-commerce resources, containing information on everything relating to e-commerce, your market and more! The information is updated on a daily basis by specialists in your industry and moderated by our teams.

Lengow Hub for partners:

Partnerships have been a fundamental part of Lengow since its creation. Accordingly, Lengow attaches great importance to the satisfaction and sustainability of these partnerships. Positive, healthy relationships between Lengow and its partners guarantee the best results for our e-merchant clients and their everyday performance. (Lire la suite…)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the success of the 2014 edition of Lengow E-Commerce Day, which took place on Thursday 3rd April in Paris.

Over 350 of you participated in the numerous conferences and workshops proposed by Lengow and partners, including GoogleTwitterPriceMinisterMicrosoftiAdvizeSpreadButtonBazaarvoiceBe2Bill, etc. Throughout the day there was a great response on Twitter with the hashtag #LengowDay, allowing those who were not present to get an insight and updates on the day’s events.

Here is a brief summary of the day:


The day was opened by Jérémie Peiro, Lengow’s co-founder, who gave a brief presentation on Lengow’s history, as well as on key company developments since the last Lengow Ecommerce Day.


Olivier Mathiot, head of marketing at PriceMinister-Rakuten, kicked off the conferences by sharing his vision of e-commerce, explaining key factors to success and future trends within the industry.

Lengow Day-63

Attendees were then invited to participate in a round table meeting, which addressed the subject of cross border selling. The debate, led by Lengow’s COO Nenad Cetkovic, welcomed numerous experts, including Haruely Nojiri, Key Accounts Director at PayPal and Philippe Chauvel, Commercial Director at Salesupply France, to discuss the issues of international sales and the localisation of e-commerce sites.

Lengow Day-74

Next up was Maxime Baumard from iAdvize, who discussed the importance and challenges of good customer relationships in e-commerce. Among other things, good customer e-relationships reduce cart abandonment rates and progressively increase sales.

To conclude the morning, Skender Berisha, Product Manager at PriceMinister took to the stage to demonstrate how to develop Internet business through integrating a marketplace such as PriceMinister, as well as the points that distinguish PriceMinister from other marketplaces: tools for professionnals, on-site marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, etc.

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