[This article is the second in a series of articles dedicated to Lengow’s newest export modules for the most popular e-commerce platforms. Today, we have decided to introduce Lengow’s plugin for Prestashop].

Following numerous requests and suggestions from our merchants, the Lengow team conducted a major overhaul of the Lengow export module Prestashop. Brand new modules are also available for Magento and WooCommerce (WordPress) too.

New Prestashop module :

TagCapsule’s configuration :

It is now very simple to configure the TagCapsule. You can choose a tracker easily through a drop-down menu, where you can make a choice between the SimpleTag and the TagCapsule.

Export settings :

The configuration of export settings in Prestashop has been greatly improved in order to offer greater simplicity and efficiency.

Currently you can:

  • Export all the products,
  • Export inactive products,
  • Automatically export new products,
  • Export declined products,
  • Export product characteristics,
  • Select the type and the number of images,
  • Export to a file.

Prestashop exports formats :

In your Prestashop back-office, you can select one of the following export formats: CSV, XML, JSON or YAML. We recommend the CSV format.

Selecting exportable fields :

With Lengow’s newest module for Prestashop, you can select the fields that you would like to export in your feed, rather than exporting everything each time.

Selecting export products :

Lengow’s new Prestashop module has a new tab that you can find in the “Catalogue” then “Lengow” menus, which allows you to select the products to be exported.

Be careful : To make a partial selection, make sure that you have unticked the option “Export all the products” in your default options.

Import integrated orders :

The import settings of your orders are now configurable from your module. Thus, giving the possibility of naming different order status according to the customary uses on your Prestashop back-office.

You can also :

  • Select the payment method that will be used for the order,
  • Select the default carrier,
  • Indicate the number of days of orders in the export list,
  • Change prices: If you apply different prices on the marketplaces and on your website,
  • Change the products: To change orders containing out-of-stock or desactivated products,
  • Reactivate the import in case of a blocked import.

A manual import of orders is also possible directly through Lengow’s API.

Automatically importing orders :

With the help of the free module Crontab (accessible from the Prestashop Addons section), it is possible to set up automatic imports of orders from your Prestashop back-office to Lengow.

Migration source flows :

Once you are sure that the destination flow contains the same information as the source flow, it is possible to migrate one or all of the flows.

Lengow’s statistics in Prestashop :

This new module gives you the opportunity to visualise your main profitability indicators directly on your Prestashop back-office (from version 1.5 and onwards). A drop-down menu allows you to select the display variable: clicks, turnover, ROI, sells…

Even though this list is not yet complete, Lengow’s modules for Magento and Prestashop have been greatly improved and offer numerous additional features. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of the new modules.

Download Lengow’s Prestashop module :

Lengow’s latest module for Prestashop is available now. You can download it on Lengow’s website.