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Lengow has been proposing for a few months to index quickly and easily your products on eBay.

In order to sell more and better, eBay advises etailers to personalize their shop to offer Internet users the closest brand’s environment.

Because you don’t necessarily have time or means to realize your eBay shop’s own design, Lengow makes available a gallery of templates, totally free, within its solution.

Lengow puts forward a list of several templates (including a choice of colors) to create the closest design to your shop.

Then, you just have to implement this design to all your adverts. This way, your adverts on eBay will immediately come out with the colors chosen design.

Each template includes each advert’ element in order to integrate in the design important information such as the title, the description, the price and postage.
Therefore, you will be able to fund these elements as you want and personalize even more your template.

Lengow also offers, with these templates, a HTML kit to put in your eBay BackOffice in order to design your entire eBay shop.

Now available within the solution, lengow will very soon offer several dozens of free templates!

When you sell on marketplaces, one of the great business opportunities is to sell all over the world…

Your company is well established in your country and, therefore, you decide to sell in other ones such as Deutschland, France, Russia, and so on (if you deliver and ensure an after sales service in those countries, of course).

To sell all over the world, you must provide the marketplaces (which allow you to sell in the targeted countries) with translated product file cards in all languages you want.

It often curbs the commercial growth and remains tedious and costly. From now on, Lengow allows to automatically translate your product catalogues in order to provide marketplaces with your products translated in the language you want.

Lengow proposes more than 50 languages within its solution and allows a reliable translation which you could change as you want.

Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to develop your company and sell your products worldwide!

One of the problems often encountered by retailers selling products with variations on eBay (shoes, clothing, furniture, etc.) was the fact that they had to create an individual listing for each variant.

In order to centralize all variants within one single listing, eBay has recently introduced a function allowing merchants to indicate the variations of products (multi versions), for example different sizes for a pair of trainers.

How does the multi-version format work?

Multi-version listings allow you to list multiple variations of the same product with one fixed price (different sizes, colours, etc). In certain categories, it is possible to list multiple fixed prices within one single listing – therefore paying just one listing fee.

For example, you can create one listing combining all colours and sizes in your catalogue for a particular shoe and charge £29.95 for children sizes and £39.95 for adult sizes.

What are the categories affected by the multi-version format?

- Clothes, shoes and accessories
- Baby
- Sporting goods
- Health & Beauty
- Jewellery & Watches
- Pottery, Porcelain & Glass
- Crafts
- Coins
- Stamps

Lengow integrates these multi-version listings

Lengow has just integrated eBay’s multi-version listing function within its solution, allowing retailers to centralize the management of products and their variations in just one listing!

As a reminder, Lengow offers an exclusive eBay module for just £39 per month!



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