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The British marketplace Play.com is now available within the Lengow interface!

Specialized in cultural products such as video games, DVDs and CDs, as well as all other high-tech products, Play.com will allow you to sell your merchandise in all main European countries.

Lengow now allows you to easily index and sell all your products on this online marketplace. You can also import your Play.com orders in the Lengow Dashboard or via your e-commerce store thanks to our XML API!


Lengow now allows you to sell all your products on the marketplace eBay, in the UK, Europe and abroad.

Many functionalities have been put in place in order to enable quick uploading of your ads as well as order retrieval within a unified interface.

One of the key factors in obtaining successful eBay sales is to have a high-quality, clean ad.

To ensure this for our clients, Lengow has established a partnership with a company specialized in creating eBay ads: Sonuts

Sonuts.net, accredited by eBay France, was formed in 2009 by the company SoPeach, located in Aix en Provence in the South of France.

They are specialized in the implementation of sales strategies on eBay and in the design of high-impact eBay stores.

The company offers a complete eBay Store Pack at €690 tax excl.

This offer includes the graphic design of 3 pages: Homepage + category page + product page

  • Integration of a keywords search engine
  • Carousel of 12 products (free for 3 months)
  • On the product page:
  • 4 large format photos + Zoom
  • Dynamic category menu
  • Module tabs Presentation Delivery Payment

The advantages of the professional store pack

You make your offer more professional and increase your conversion rate.

You promote your brand on one of the world’s primary e-commerce sites.

A special Lengow offer also allows e-tailers to benefit from free Widgets for 9 months! That’s a savings of €260!

These widgets allow eBay store pack to be completed with 3 functionalities:

  • In the spotlight – Promotion of star products
  • Cross-selling – Promotion of the best sales per category
  • Feedback – Promotion of positive feedback


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