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For the last few weeks, Lengow has offered a tool to online retailers which allows for the simple creation of banner ads in IAB format directly from their product catalogue.

We’ve just developed this tool in order to improve the creation and the customization of the banners.

A retailer can now define the pixel position of the information on the banner.
Each field that the retailer would like to display on his banner can be positioned in an accurate and precise way, and can be placed wherever you like!

Each banner also benefits from an effects bank, enabling the retailer to have a rotating banner in the form of a carousel for example.

And finally, each banner can now be saved, allowing the retailer to build up a bank of preconfigured banners!

And of course Feedbanner is a free feature for all our Lengow clients!

FeedBanner: a simple tool to generate banner ads

FeedBanner allows you to create banner ads automatically thanks to your product catalogue.

You can create a product banner quickly and easily directly from one of your Lengow feeds. You can create thematic banners around a category of products in just few clicks. For example, offer your affiliates banners based on headphones!

Choose a product or a category and automatically generate a banner available in several standard sizes (skyscraper, square, simple banner, etc.).

The product information will automatically be displayed on the banner!

You can then modify the design of your banner in order to customize it to the colours of your online store:


The only thing left to do is to copy the HTML code of your banner in order to enter it in your favourite Adserver, such as OpenX or Affiz.

HTML Code of your banner:

This new functionality is now available within the Lengow solution and is completely free for our e-tailers!

Here are a few examples of some banners created using FeedBanner:


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