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Since a year now, Lengow has been proposing a universal tracker that allows e-merchants to place quickly and easily one unique tag on the pages of their website.

For the record, thanks to TagCapsule, retailers only have one tag to manage, which encapsulates all partner trackers available in the Lengow solution, such as Google Analytics, Nextag, TradeDoubler, etc. The retailers’ website pages are equipped with a single tag, so they no longer have to worry if tags are installed correctly, if they work properly or if they are going to clash with other tags.

TapCapsule has now 50 trackers in its library. But Lengow wants to go further and now proposes merchants to install themselves trackers for their account.

Therefore, a retailer can install a new tracker on the pages of its website via a simple copy and paste manipulation within an interface. As a consequence, it becomes very easy for a marketing department to place complex trackers on an e-shop’s pages without the help of the technical department.

In the following weeks, Lengow will propose new features in order to strengthen its universal tracker. Stay tuned!



Christmas and the sale period are two important moments of the year for online merchants. Indeed, a big part of their turnover is made during this period.

Get ready for Christmas….

Christmas time is often the occasion for online buyers to make unusual purchases on Internet: quick delivery delay, lack of time, a bigger choice on Internet… It is therefore an interesting time for the acquisition of news clients. Getting ready for this period is essential: a disappointed buyer during Christmas time will become a lost client! So, the key to success is preparation.

For the reminder, online sales in December 2011 were up 30% year on year, and the last week before Christmas 2011 saw almost double the sales compared with 2010. As a token of this essential time of the year, 96% of e-shoppers expect to do some shopping online this Christmas and 26% believe that they will spend more online this year in the run up to Christmas*! During Christmas time, 96m UK internet visits went to retail websites, a 19.5% increase from 2010 figures*.

…and for the sale period:

Other fundamental time in the merchant’s selling cycle: the sale period! Indeed, this period is a strong one to increase turnover, so merchants must be well prepared. The next sale period starts in 2 months, on Boxing Day – 26th December – , and lasts until the end of January.

Being efficient during the sale period is fundamental. For the record, Boxing Day 2011 was the biggest ever day for online retail in the UK: Britons spent 13m hours shopping on Boxing Day! Furthermore, overall UK retail sales grew by 2% in volume in January 2012 – during the sale period -, compared to the same time in 2011, and by 4.4% in value*. It is therefore a key moment of the year whose sales are growing year-on-year.

It is necessary to develop your distribution channels for these two key times. Lengow allows online retailers to program specific actions and centralize your management in order to save time.

Lengow can help online merchants make the most of the festive season and establish a plan for their seasonal promotions.

If you have any inquiry or if you want to prepare a strong festive season strategy, contact Lengow UK team at .

Yacine Merad, Lengow Country Manager UK (, ), Mariko Komaki, Business Developer UK (, ) and Thomas Nolleau, Business Developer UK (+44 203 445 1002, ) will give you all the information and solutions you need to make Christmas time and sale period a success.

*Source: Internet Retailing & Econsultancy.com


It has been a while we haven’t interviewed a member of Lengow’s team… So let’s keep on what we usually do! Let us introduce Felicia Kron, Lengow’s Country Manager Scandinavia (Sweden and Denmark).


Hi Felicia, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello! I am Swedish with a love for Internet shopping, horseback riding and sunny weather! I was one of the first persons at the International Lengow office in Paris and started in the end of February 2012.

What about your career before Lengow?

I have always been persuaded to live abroad and since a little girl I have loved the French language which I also studied for many years. Starting off at Tetra Pak in Sweden working with their International clients, I decided in 2010 to try my luck in France and began my International career as a Business Development Manager for Sweden at Mediastay, an Internet company within Performance Marketing. After a while I also took over the UK market but the gaming industry did not suit me very well and in February 2012 I decided to change focus and work within e-commerce at Lengow instead!

Can you tell us more about your missions at Lengow?

My first mission was to launch Lengow in the Scandinavian market with Sweden and Denmark as a main focus and thereafter, continuously building up and developing the activities within these markets which is my main focus today.

How would you define the Swedish market?

The Swedish e-commerce market is relatively new and still in growth in comparison to other mature markets in Europe. Nevertheless, it is not less interesting! It is very easy to start an e-commerce business today; the difficulty is to keep it profitable which is why many smaller companies use agencies to build up their marketing activities. Swedish companies also seem technically skilled and therefore seem to take an interest in technical products. Even though it might seem as a small market, it has plenty to give and I am looking forward to follow the continuous development of Swedish e-commerce, hopefully with Lengow as a strong player on the market.

Why did you choose to join Lengow?

I have always been very interested in e-commerce and with Lengow I am not limited to one category or one merchant only. Instead, I am given the possibility to see e-commerce as a whole on the market with daily interactions with different e-merchants which is really interesting.

What would you advise to merchants who begin in e-commerce?

To explore the Scandinavian markets and to generate traffic I would give the following advice:

  • Make sure to use the proper marketing channel. You will be faced with plenty of channels; CSEs, affiliate networks, sponsored links, retargeting… Choose your channels based on the amount of time you can spend and the budget that you have!
  • Constantly work on optimizing your visibility. If possible, make sure to choose a channel within your category, make sure to adapt your information to be shown in the ad space of your partner and regularly update this information.
  • Follow up the results. Follow up the results on a daily basis all the way down to product level and act directly upon the results. If you notice that there is a category or a product that is not profitable, remove it from the channel. This is probably the hardest advice to follow as it could be pretty time consuming when having plenty of products….

Fortunately there is Lengow to help with this, in order for e-merchants to save time and control every single penny spent. Big company or small company doesn’t matter, Lengow fits all!



After the International Ecommerce Award at Ecommerce Paris Fair in September, Lengow follows on prizes and wins the 2012 Ecommerce Trophy in Innovation category.

The Ecommerce Trophies, on Ecommerce Mag’s initiative – a French magazine dedicated to e-business professionals, that analyzes and makes understand the great tendencies of e-business and digital economy-, are a professional event whose aim is to highlight the initiatives and actors the most remarkable of the market. The 2012 edition took place at Pavillon Gabriel in Paris, on the 16th of October and has rewarded all the great names of the ecommerce industry.

Six categories which correspond to six key sectors of an online activity were rewarded:

-          Design
-          Online marketing
-          Marketing buzz
-          Mobile Internet
-          Innovation
-          Logistics

We are very proud to announce that Lengow won the 2012 Ecommerce Trophy in the Innovation category!

This 2nd prize within a month rewards the work of Lengow’s team and hightlight the constant innovations within the solution. This award also confirms Lengow in its international development.  The will of always giving merchants the features they need made us win this new reward, which comes as a token of the quality of Lengow’s solution.

Innovations we propose, such as Tag Capsule among others, make the company counts among its clients Quiksilver, Office Depot, The North Face, Levi’s, Oregon Scientific



As you know, Lengow was exhibiting at Dmexco fair, leading expo & conference for the digital industry, in Cologne in early September.

This show was the occasion for Maxime Privé, Country Manager Germany to present Lengow and give some advice on the use of ecommerce channels via an interview for Media-Treff.

Here’s the complete video of Maxime explaining how to use in a professional way the different ecommerce channels (in German):

Maxime Privé, Lengow Country Manager Germany: How to use the different ecommerce channels in a professionnal way?

For those of you who can’t speak German, Maxime is explaining how to make retailers’ e-marketing campaigns work smarter with Lengow. With e-commerce needs in perpetual evolution and an increase in market competition, online retailers are facing a new set of issues: too many points of contact, too many technical requirements and too many hours spent managing feeds across distribution channels. With so many e-marketing options, how would merchants choose the most relevant and efficient management solution to meet retailers’ day to day needs? How do they improve their visibility to make smarter and more insight driven optimization? Lengow do help online retailers with those issues thanks to its solution that allows to centralize data feeds, increase performance indicators and maximize time and money spent managing campaigns across these channels: comparison shopping sites, affiliate platforms, marketplaces, social networks, retargeting, and many others.

Maxime highlights the fact that Lengow is a French company which knows a great success in France thanks to the quality of its service and the clients’ support. That’s why the company has been taking on an international dimension and has settled in Germany since the beginning of the year. Germany gave Lengow a warm welcome since we gained a foothold in the German market thanks to the acquisition of great clients such as MyToys.de, GetMobile.de, Levi’s, Quiksilver, Decathlon, etc.

You will find all the information on our websites www.lengow.de and lengow.co.uk, and of course all the news on Twitter: and .


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