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Vote for your favourite picture!

To end the year on a high note, our teams from Nantes, Paris and Montreal made a great surprise!

The idea was simple: each team had to take a picture that best represent Christmas within their respective city.

Lengow’ teams successfully took up this challenge! Discover below the 3 photos of the 3 teams (click on the pictures to enlarge).

Pic 1: Montreal

Pic 2: Nantes

Pic 3: Paris

To vote for your favourite picture, please leave either a comment briefly explaining your choice OR simply “Like” your favourite one within our Facebook page:

Among the people taking part in the vote, a winner will be drawn at random on the 2nd of January. He or she will receive a great surprise :)

Thank you and good luck!


Selling better and selling more is what every merchant is looking for. That’s why they are always searching for efficient distribution channels to increase their sales and means of reaching new audiences.

A marketplace is an important marketing tool on which sales can be easily boosted. In the United-Kingdom, the two biggest marketplaces are Amazon – 19 million unique visitors per month* – and eBay – 17 million unique visitors per month. Ebay, Amazon and Pixmania account for 27 % of total online retail sales and all marketplaces put together allow you to reach a massive slice of the total UK population. UK audiences are focused on 5 major marketplaces – Amazon, eBay, Pixmania, Play and HMV.  In 2011, UK shoppers made 84.6 million visits to online retail sites on Cyber Monday – which was the 3rd of December this year – , with Amazon and eBay representing 28 % of all retail visits on that day**.

Marketplaces are therefore a key distribution channel massively used by internet users. They buy on marketplaces because of the extensive supplier base, the quality of product descriptions, security, products availability and promptness in delivery. When an online merchant integrates a marketplace, he has the guarantee:

  • to boost his turnover
  • to control the acquisition costs (pay per sale, not per click)
  • to benefit from the quality of traffic and notoriety
  • to take advantage of the reputation and indexing of these well-known marketplaces
  • to diversify the distribution network and increase visibility.

More than 60 % of our clients have already integrated a marketplace and for most of them, marketplaces represent more than 40 % of their turnover. Hence, building a strong marketplaces strategy is very important as part of an e-tailer’s on-line marketing strategy. Change, adjust, adapt, add information as soon as you can in order to increase your visibility on each marketplace. It is necessary to optimise your data and to give internet users as much  information as possible about your products and delivery service. As a leading partner with marketplaces, Lengow supports you in the optimisation of your marketplaces shops. To be more visible on eBay for example, you can personalise your shops thanks to our eBay templates and you can optimise your data thanks to Lengow tools.

Boosting sales is essential but targeting new audiences is crucial as well. When you sell on marketplaces, one of the great business opportunities is to sell all over the world. Cross-border trade is a strong means of keeping the growth up and expanding the targeted audience. More and more European shoppers don’t hesitate to buy abroad. But to obtain consumers’ confidence, e-shops must be perfect and especially perfectly well translated, particularly on marketplaces. So drawing attention to translation is necessary but it is often tedious and costly work. Lengow helps you to sell abroad and offers automatic translation of your product catalogues in order to provide marketplaces with your products translated in the language you want.

Lengow offers more than 50 languages within its solution with an accurate translation that you could change as you want. Furthermore, with this features you can also centralise the management of your international e-shops and benefit from detailed statistics for each country.

With Lengow, think global!


*Source: http://www.alexa.com

**Source: http://www.bizreport.com



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