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When you sell on marketplaces, one of the great business opportunities is to sell all over the world…

Your company is well established in your country and, therefore, you decide to sell in other ones such as Deutschland, France, Russia, and so on (if you deliver and ensure an after sales service in those countries, of course).

To sell all over the world, you must provide the marketplaces (which allow you to sell in the targeted countries) with translated product file cards in all languages you want.

It often curbs the commercial growth and remains tedious and costly. From now on, Lengow allows to automatically translate your product catalogues in order to provide marketplaces with your products translated in the language you want.

Lengow proposes more than 50 languages within its solution and allows a reliable translation which you could change as you want.

Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to develop your company and sell your products worldwide!

When you sell on comparison shopping sites, or other supports such as affiliate platforms and marketplaces, it is necessary to assess the number of clicks and sales generated by your different partners.

Lengow has its own tracking solution which allows to track all data and to bring out a ROI, conversion rates, but also a lot of others collectors.
In addition to those collectors, Lengow now offers you to evaluate the number of display of all your products and to generate a CTR.

In practical terms, Lengow calculates each time the product is displayed by an Internet user. This way, the information is taken in the e-commerce tracking solution.

Thanks to this new features, the Lengow team gives you the opportunity to increase your profitability analysis and will offer you a lot of surprises.


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