As you probably know, Google Panda was set up in France almost a week ago.

Google is constantly evolving. In March, Google announced an important update of their algorithm, aiming to improve their research results by cleaning the link farm.

Naturally, this new algorithm scared everyone, people were afraid and wondered what impact this could have.

One of the targets of Google Panda, amongst others, is comparison shopping sites. Google was concerned that they did not offer enough content towards others websites to justify their position.

Their intentions are good, improving the content of websites emerging on Google, however they can frighten the people concerned especially the retailers who are the first to benefit from this important traffic.

We are no SEO experts at Lengow, we leave that to real experts of the sector. We do however have the information that enables us to study the real impact that Google Panda has on the market of what we do master: comparison shopping sites.

Here are a few figures that illustrate the traffic counted by Lengow for all our retailers during August 2011, the date which Panda arrived.

Those figures demonstrate a significant fall of the comparison shopping site traffic since August 12th and 13th, however this is not as important as one might think in real costs.

Nevertheless, it seems that affiliation has suffered greatly, partly due to the comparison shopping sites using the retailers catalogues of those channels.
As anticipated at Lengow, it is these comparison shopping sites which will suffer most from this new algorithm.

It is important to note, be careful, Google Shopping is present in this traffic within comparison shopping sites ;)

Global traffic

Comparison shopping sites