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For several months, Lengow has offered online retailers the capability to dynamically create newsletters using their product catalogues.

It made sense that these retailers should also have the ability to send their customers their best product offers by email!

In each newsletter created, the retailer can determine which products will be included and, using an HTML template, define the colours and format.

In addition, Lengow has now launched its emailing routing module in Beta version!

We have gone even more technologically in-depth by adding an email routing API for email management software including MailChimp, YourMailingListProvider and CampaignMonitor!

Retailers can now generate product-based newsletters using their catalogues and send them to their customers directly from Lengow!

Within Lengow, the creation and management of emailing campaigns is pushed to the maximum:

- Creation of unlimited newsletters
- Management of newsletter templates
- Management of newsletter drafts
- Management of “press-ready” newsletters
- Choice of segments
- Import statistics of sent newsletters

Thanks to this tool, the creation/optimization/distribution of email campaigns can be done quickly and easily!

With MailChimp, YourMailingListProvider and Campaign Monitor, Lengow covers most of the mail routing on the market, with many more to come!

With this new module, Legow offers another innovative tool within the solution which allows retailers to centralize all their webmarketing campaigns.

The British marketplace Play.com is now available within the Lengow interface!

Specialized in cultural products such as video games, DVDs and CDs, as well as all other high-tech products, Play.com will allow you to sell your merchandise in all main European countries.

Lengow now allows you to easily index and sell all your products on this online marketplace. You can also import your Play.com orders in the Lengow Dashboard or via your e-commerce store thanks to our XML API!


For the last few weeks, Lengow has offered a tool to online retailers which allows for the simple creation of banner ads in IAB format directly from their product catalogue.

We’ve just developed this tool in order to improve the creation and the customization of the banners.

A retailer can now define the pixel position of the information on the banner.
Each field that the retailer would like to display on his banner can be positioned in an accurate and precise way, and can be placed wherever you like!

Each banner also benefits from an effects bank, enabling the retailer to have a rotating banner in the form of a carousel for example.

And finally, each banner can now be saved, allowing the retailer to build up a bank of preconfigured banners!

And of course Feedbanner is a free feature for all our Lengow clients!


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