Since the creation of the solution, Lengow has allowed its online retailers to choose the exact hour and minute at which we update the indexation of their product catalogues.

The merchant chooses these times himself, and each e-commerce site has its own policy regarding catalogue updates.

As an extra feature, we have launched a new tool which automatically adjusts the indexation time of the merchant’s source catalogue to the best possible hour so that the distributor receives a fresh feed that’s 100% up-to-date.

If the comparison shopping site comes to retrieve the e-tailer’s feed at 10:45 pm, we’ll calibrate an indexation of the source feed at 10:15 pm, which will be done automatically!

With this new tool, we’re going to extra mile to help merchants provide a completely optimized and updated feed to the different channels on which they’re listing.

Lengow currently indexes more than 35 million products and more than 6,700 feeds every day.