Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Tanguy Honoré, E-business Director for Quiksilver Europe. He tells us about his e-marketing campaign choices, as well as the reasons which convinced him to use Lengow.

- Hello Tanguy, could you please introduce yourself?

Hello Elodie, I’m Tanguy Honoré, I’ve been working at Quiksilver for 13 years and I’m the European Director of B2C websites and of online business development.

I take care of the online management of four brands (websites which include multiple countries (10), multiple languages and multiple currencies)




- And our newest store:, which you can discover starting the 4th of July.

- On which e-marketing channels do you position yourselves and why?

We are present on all e-marketing channels which are compatible with the corporate image of the Quiksilver brand; that is to say, those which are compatible with the purchasing methods of our customers.

We use Adwords campaigns, which are the most efficient and bring us a lot of traffic.

We also work with affiliate platforms and some comparison shopping sites.

We have other internal channels as well, which require the management of formatted feeds.

- What are the daily problems encountered in this type of feed management?

Before Lengow, we had big problems managing our campaigns. We spent an incredible amount of time managing the different functionalities of each distributor and we weren’t able to visualize the profitability of our products.

- How did Lengow help you to solve these problems?

Thanks to Lengow, we have a single tool which manages our 80 feeds and, above all else, we can quickly see the profitability of our products. The tool is easy to use and we often run trials on certain distribution channels according to the advice of our account manager. Unfortunately, despite the amount of time we save, I haven’t yet had a chance to use all the features of the solution.

- What advice would you give to an e-tailer looking to list on comparison shopping sites/affiliate platforms?

There’s no point in spending time starting from scratch when there are providers like Lengow who do their job well and can save us a lot of time.

Thank you Tanguy for your testimonial!