Lengow celebrated its 3rd anniversary on the 1st of July! The moment has therefore arrived to make an assessment of the situation after 3 years.

The team:

Currently, Lengow counts 42 employees: 22 jobs were created over the past 12 months. Staff have been recruited on two different ways: on the one hand, recruiting has been done in Canada with the opening of a North-American office held by Virginie de Malavois, former Sales Director at Shopping.com, and on the other hand, staff have been recruited in Paris with the opening, in early 2012, of an office dedicated to the European operations, held by Nenad Cetkovic, former South Eupore MD at Affilinet.

We are proud to create jobs. We feel like taking part to the domestic businesses with some pride which is emphasized thanks to the quality of the team. Every day, the team shows that this is the essential element to make a startup success.

Lengow is about to hire several news employees in 2012, in different activity fields: sales, web development, etc.

The Clients:

Now present in 14 countries worldwide, our systems index 68 millions products every day and 15 000 feeds on more than 750 supports in the world. Lengow helps this way the 800 clients who trust us (vs. 400 a year ago; our growth therefore raised by 100% in one year) to index and optimize their products catalogues in the best conditions possible.

This year, Galeries Lafayette, ToyRus, Lafuma, Oxbow, Ellos and Eider are some of our big references.

A solution in constant changes:

The will of the team is to support the clients in order to face new issues. The R&D department brings constantly evolutions to the solution, proposes new features and innovates every day. The motivation remains the support to the merchants so that they can sell better and more!

This year, a lot of innovations came and completed the solution:

  • The creation and management of emailing campaigns thanks to the integration of API such as MailChimp or YourMailingListProvider, in order to provide new ways to use the products calalogue,
  • The launch of a tool that propels e-retailers on mobile. This tool makes possible the automatic creation of an m-commerce store directly from a merchant’s products catalogue,
  • The enhancement of the tools for Marketplaces by integrating several Marketplaces such as LaRedoute, Cdiscount, Play.com or Brandalley,
  • New features have been developed to help merchants with stock control, free templates for eBay and PriceMinister or the management of the invoices within the solution and orders’ API XML,
  • The launch of some interesting features such as  the measure of number of products displays on comparison shopping site, or TagCapsule with allows to encapsulate all the site trackers in a single and unique tracker,
  • And the last innovation: Lengow proposes RTB and AdExchange tools and makes available a new dashboard to enable merchants to have an actual management board of their e-shop.
  • What about the future?

What about the future?

It is full of projects that Lengow enters into its fourth year. Here are some projects to come:

We have strong ambitions for the product we want to develop to touch on new aspects of e-commerce and therefore propose e-merchants solutions to help them daily. Indeed, Lengow has e-retailers’ most important thing: the products catalogue! It is therefore necessary to help them to use it in the best way possible.

Lengow also has great ambitions for the European and North American markets in order to make Lengow known as the reference in the management of e-commerce products catalogues.

It is a big challenge but we love that and we are going to do our utmost to succeed.

Many changes for the staff are coming as well: the teams of Paris and Nantes are moving in brand new offices in the two cities. The company will hire several employees by the end of the year to strengthen our staff’s skills on several markets.

Many thanks again

Every year, I can’t help thanking everyone who helps us daily so that this adventure can be the greatest possible. I am also grateful to our close families who support us every day.

Once again, many thanks to the Lengow’s team and its hard and great work #heartswiththefingers (private joke ;))

I can’t name all the persons who help us and all our partners but to all of them THANK YOU.

Thanks to Alven Capital and Kima Venture for trusting and giving us the means we need to succeed!

At last but not least, I especially thank the city of Nantes (France) who welcomed us and continues to surprise us every day.

« Rendez-vous » next year with a lot of surprises until then ;)

Mickael, Jérémie & the Lengow’s team.