In order to distribute your products on multiple channels, you need to provide a product catalogue generally in XML or CSV format. This enables the partner site to insert your products on their platform.

Lengow helps merchants to structure, optimize and track their product catalogue on different partner sites.

In order to go even further and continue to offer innovative tools to online retailers wanting to sell their products on multiple channels, Lengow has now launched FeedCreator.

This completely free tool allows merchants to create their source feed directly in the Lengow solution.


For instance, an eBay PowerSeller merchant, a wholesaler or a supplier can now create their own product catalogue (as many as they wish) in Lengow, without having an e-commerce store!

The creation of products is done directly within the Lengow solution in an easy and intuitive way, so retailers can add their inventory in Lengow and be able to sell on all any marketplace!