Last week, Lengow announced Pipeline, a new tool that will be available on October 15th. Pipeline is Lengow’s new feature that lets you track and analyze buying patterns on your e-commerce website.

Integrated within it’s tracking solution, Lengow Pipeline allows it’s online retailers to track and analyze buying patterns on their online stores.

Thanks to this tool, online retailers can track the source and the journey of both abandoned and completed purchases on their webstore, as well as which channels the user went through before.

Pipeline is very simple and intuitive yet powerful and very rich in data. Lengow’s statistic dashboard gathers multiple information allowing to fine analyze and tune e-tailer’s acquisition strategies. New e-merchants are able to visualize all the channels which participated in the sales, not only the last one !

This tool, with its multiple data sources, allows online retailers to make intelligently informed decisions when building customer acquisition strategies.

Moreover, with its simple, powerful, and intuitive interface, you will be set up and benefiting from pipeline’s data in only a few minutes.

Build the purchase funnel that suits your case :

The first step when implementing Lengow Pipeline is to set up a conversion funnel that matches your website. You’ll be able to drag&drop every step to represent your e-commerce funnel just like it is in reality. Don’t worry too much, it will come pre-configured if you’re operating under Magento or Prestashop platforms with Lengow’s plugin installed.

Visualize and understand purchasing behaviors :

In Lengow Pipeline, you can select a period and visualize visitors’ orders, all of theme – one behind each other- even the ones that are tracked by other services such as sponsored links services, newsletters and direct visits.

For each line (corresponding to each time a product was added to the basket and validated), Pipeline will track abandonment and time between each steps so you can detect issues and see what’s going on in your funnel.

Line by line, Pipeline identifies all of the channels that were involved in the sale, so that you can give credits to every single one of them, not only the last one anymore.

Filters and reporting :

In Lengow Pipeline, filtering and segmentation are made easy. Any data collected is made available into a customizable reporting area where you can design your own charts and figures to highlights the indicators the matters to you.

E.g : – Pipeline can show orders that were abandonned just before the payment page

or  - Pipeline displays orders in which a product was directly added to basket from a Price Comparison site or Direct visit.


Integration into Lengow’s interface :

As usual, Pipeline has been designed with effectiveness in mind ; e-merchants will find Pipeline smoothly integrated into their usual statistics options, in the ‘Statistics’ panel of Lengow. At the top of the menu bar, you will also fin all sort of export options to donwnload your data and manage it into any spreadsheet you’d like.


Get in touch with your Account Manager to discuss Pipeline’s functions further and activate it into your account, starting October 15th.