Jaques of London is the oldest games company and sports manufacturer in the world. Passed down from father to son for six generations, Jaques have been responsible for inventing many well known games, such as Croquet, Ping Pong, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Tiddledy Winks, The Staunton Chess Set, Happy Families, Snap and many more.

We are delighted to interview Joe Jaques, Jaques of London Commercial Director.


On which e-marketing channels do you position yourself and why?

We currently have 3 front end magento websites, jaqueslondon.co.uk, jaquesamerica.com and croquet-set.com. We try and position our UK site across as many platforms as possible. Our favorite e-channels are all of the Amazon European wide stores, shopping.com, and naturally Google Shopping. We are adding as many as we can as fast as we can, as with careful budgeting and correct retail prices, conversions are nice and profitable.

What are the daily problems encountered in this type of feed management?

The hardest part is keeping all of the bids per item under control. Lengow platform makes it easy to see which e-channels are working at any given point in time. Just because an e- channel doesn’t work one week doesn’t mean to say it won’t work the next. Keep a close eye on them all and TEST TEST TEST!

How does Lengow help you to solve these issues?

It simply would not be possible to have the e-channels without a team of 5 people working full time at Jaques HQ. Lengow doesn’t help as such. It simply would be impossible without them. And now we have the feeds we can’t imagine life without them.

What features proposed by Lengow help you to go further in your marketing campaigns?

The Amazon Europe interface. A great tool and such an obvious sale channel that I had missed.

How do you run specific periods such as sales period in your activity?

I will let you know – I am just testing price reduction promotion!

Why did you choose Lengow?

Because I was recommend them. I would recommend them anyone I can. It’s so important to have support they offer. I am not a technical person, but the team at Lengow really does make anything possible. To have email queries answered quickly by a dedicated team of highly knowledgeable people is priceless.

Even the sales team at Lengow knows the technical aspects in great detail – I can’t think of another e- solution in any sector that does this!

What advice would you give to an e-tailer looking for listing on comparison shopping sites/affiliate platforms?

With a dying high street and a tightening further of consumer spending traffic is increasing on the price comparison engines. Amazon also now seems to be the go to store for consumers. If you are not on all price comparison engines you have built yourself a store which is effectively in the middle of a forest were nobody goes! A good multi channel approach is vital in today’s world.