E-commerce site 3suisses.fr has used Lengow for a few months in order to run its entire product catalogues on the different  distribution channels of the market.

William L’Haridon, Traffic search – shopbot & SEO Manager, talks about our solution.

3suisses.fr is one of the 5 biggest e-commerce sites in France. Which marketing tools do you favor, and why?

We are active on all the marketing channels. As the 2nd French site in fashion and decoration, we are looking for traffic and sales results. Therefore, we use the entire tools possible and test all the novelties available on the market.

What are the daily problems encountered in this type of feed management?

The multiplicity of the advertising possibilities, of the tools used and of earning models makes the creation and the management of our campaigns very complicated.

How did Lengow help you to solve these problems?

Thanks to Lengow, we now have a unique tool, very simple of use, to run our products feeds and the indexing of our offers on every comparison shopping site. Furthermore, thanks to Lengow’s statistics features, we can easily optimize our costs and our sales results regarding a specific product or an entire family of products.

What advice would you give to an e-tailer looking to list on comparison shopping sites/affiliate platforms?

I’d advise them to develop a quality source feed. Then, once the campaigns are set up with Lengow, they have to optimize them in a constant way.