As every month, someone who works at Lengow is interviewed. He/she explains his/her job, his/her career and the missions within the company.

This is a special interview today as I have the honour to interview our new European Operations Director: Nenad Cetkovic, who has been running our Parisian office for a few months.

Hello Nenad. Can you introduce yourself please?

Geek (almost compulsive!) in his forties, poker fan and hedonist… I joined Lengow on the 1st of March to run its European development. Lengow is a company I have known like forever since I am part of the jury of the Startup Academy Lengow won in 2009.

What about your career?

I have an unusual career, based on the rule “have fun while working”.

At the beginning, I gave up my thesis in computing sciences to work for the computing press. It last a decade where I quickly ran, as an editor in chief, some of the main magazines at the time.

But the “techno” virus can’t be treated. In 1999, I realized Internet was made for me. I buried myself in the first generation web at Libertysurf in the communities field (Respublica). It was such a unique experience, thanks to which I learned every day how to make business, audience and so on.

In 2001, in spite of the current boom, I took over the management of a portal – 01net – in which everything was to rebuild. In 7 years, thanks to a wonderful team, we made of 01net one of the main media portals in France and Europe. In parallel with 01net, I also launched or turned other Internet activities round (CadresOnline,,, 01men…).

Then, in 2009, as a result of my interest into the audience aspect, I joined Adlink and Affilinet of which I had in charge the South Europe market. It enabled me to develop a deep understanding of advertising monetization problems, marketing performance and, over-all, e-commerce tools.

Since last September, I have devoted myself to the support of startups as an adviser or investor. It is by this time Jérémie, Mickaël and I met again. I couldn’t resist such an exciting challenge!

What is your mission within Lengow?

Build, expend and speed up Lengow’s activities on the main European markets. In a more practical way, we will have to identify and focus our efforts on each market depending on their configuration and specifics thanks to a dedicated team – centralized in Paris in a first time – with different backgrounds and experiences and a deep knowledge of the local market.

Our goal is to make Lengow the uncontested European leader for the optimization of all etailers feeds, as it is in France.

What advice can you give to online merchants who read the interview?

Just one piece of advice!  Give us 10 minutes… and you will wonder how you have lived without Lengow’s solutions so far?

Many thanks Nenad for this interview!