Centralize the management of your trackers with TagCapsule!
A unique tracker!
Lengow puts at your disposal a unique tracker which encapsulates all trackers of your partners in the solution. You now have just one tag to manage!

Gone are the days of multiple tags on your website. TagCapsule takes care of centralizing them all within one unique tag to make your life easier!
Complete independence
You no longer have to call upon your technical team to set up tags! You can manage them all yourself from a quick and simple interface.

You can freely choose which trackers you wish to encapsulate and TagCapsule takes care of distributing the trackers with each display.
A time saver
The pages of your website will now include just one tag!

You will therefore save a considerable amount of time when loading your pages with just one tag instead of 10 scattered tags.
A complete bank of trackers
TagcCapsule has close to 10 trackers in its data bank, with many more to come!

Shopping.com, Shopzilla, Nextag, Google Analytics, Xiti, Google Adwords, Tradedoubler, Affilinet or even iAdvize are already among our compatible trackers.