Comparison Search Engines
Lengow gives you the possibility to index your product catalogue on all the biggest CSEs.
350 CSEs available
Lengow creates optimized product feeds for more than 350 CSEs in France and the rest of Europe every day.
A CSE is not in our list of partners? Upon demand we can add it for you so that your product catalogue is indexed as quickly as possible on the channels where you wish to display your products.
Multiple feed creation
With Lengow you no longer need to create a feed for each CSE.
Send us your data feed and we will take care of creating feeds that meet each channel’s requirements, thus saving time and money by centralizing your feed management within the Lengow solution.
A team of experts
Lengow and its team are here to advise you on which channels you should index your product catalogue according to your data feed and your budget.
Benefit from our expertise at LeGuide.com, Shopzilla and Comparer.eu to target the right channels and increase your ROI.
Boost your ROI
Our statistics module is essential to managing your investment. Our tool enables you to keep track of each product’s performance on the various comparison shopping sites.
Export your data and identify and disable products that do not reach your ROI goal thanks to our profit alerts. Evaluate the impact of your optimizations to increase your ROI.
Categorize your products
A product that is not categorized properly on a CSE can affect your visibility. With the CSE’s site map index, Lengow advises you to classify your product catalogue according to each CSE’s categories, thereby enabling you to optimize your visibility and increase your sales.
Customize your data
For sales, holidays, or special promotions, customize your data on a scheduled period. For instance, lower your prices by 10% or offer special delivery costs.
All of the data in your product feed can be modified without requiring to have any technical knowledge.