Social Networks
Create an e-store on your Facebook Fan Page and allow your fans to create wishlists!
Create your Facebook e-store
With 500 million potential buyers including 25 million in the UK, how can a retailer go without promoting his product catalogue on Facebook?
Thanks to Lengow, your Facebook store is now available in one click, an opportunity to increase your visibility!
Distribute your wishlist
With the Wishlist shopping Lengow application, Facebook members can choose which gifts they would like to receive.
These gifts are the products that can be found on the merchant�s facebook e-store. Facebook members can then share this list with their friends.
Tweet your products
You are on Twitter? Lengow now gives you the possibility to put your products in the spotlight on your Twitter account.
Your subscribers can follow the news and promotions of your product catalogue.
Analyze your ROI
Social networks offer significant visibility, but are they good sales channels? Lengow tracks clicks, sales and generates statistics.
Therefore you can estimate your return on investment.