Since a year now, Lengow has been proposing a universal tracker that allows e-merchants to place quickly and easily one unique tag on the pages of their website.

For the record, thanks to TagCapsule, retailers only have one tag to manage, which encapsulates all partner trackers available in the Lengow solution, such as Google Analytics, Nextag, TradeDoubler, etc. The retailers’ website pages are equipped with a single tag, so they no longer have to worry if tags are installed correctly, if they work properly or if they are going to clash with other tags.

TapCapsule has now 50 trackers in its library. But Lengow wants to go further and now proposes merchants to install themselves trackers for their account.

Therefore, a retailer can install a new tracker on the pages of its website via a simple copy and paste manipulation within an interface. As a consequence, it becomes very easy for a marketing department to place complex trackers on an e-shop’s pages without the help of the technical department.

In the following weeks, Lengow will propose new features in order to strengthen its universal tracker. Stay tuned!