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Lengow allows all online retailers to reference and sell their products on the main European & worldwide marketplaces.

For merchants, marketplaces offer a huge opportunity to sell their products outside of their e-commerce stores. One of the major challenges of selling on marketplaces, aside from the strict product catalogue structure, is inventory management.

Precise inventory management is paramount to ensuring perfect product availability on every targeted marketplace.

In order to help e-tailers to better centralize and manage their stock levels, Lengow has launched an inventory management algorithm within its solution. This allows for updates on every marketplace as well as other distribution channels whenever a sale is made on one of these channels.

Concretely, once an order is placed on a distribution channel, Lengow decreases the merchant’s stock level according to the product(s) sold on all channels, even comparison shopping sites.

Thanks to this system, the merchant is guaranteed that his inventory will be updated on all channels once a sale is made.

You no longer have to worry about overselling products, due to a sale being made on one channel and your stock not being updated on the others!

This inventory management system, launched today in Beta, will be available for all of our merchants in the coming days, and for no additional cost!

Create your M-commerce boutique thanks to your product catalogue!

More than 40 million mobile phones are in use today in the UK, many of them Smartphones. One in two mobile phone users are able to surf the Web, with the majority of users having unlimited plans.

Nearly 4 million people, a quarter of Smartphone owners, have already made a purchase via their mobile!

Wanting to help merchants conquer this new era in e-commerce and realizing how complicated it can be to adapt an online store to different telephone formats, Lengow has launched its quick and easy M-commerce store creation directly from a merchant’s product catalogue!

Lengow adapts and transforms your product catalogue to create a real extension of your online store tailored to each Tablet & Mobile phone.

The creation of the M-commerce store in Lengow takes only a few minutes and is available via a distinct URL in the following format:  (an example of the French store Michenaud.com).


This new innovation is now available for all online retailers using Lengow!

Don’t hesitate to request an M-commerce feed via your client interface!


Your mobile boutique is available thanks to your product catalogue!


Create a mobile version of your online store quickly and easily thanks to your product catalogue.

Lengow adapts your categories and products to the different Mobile Web standards on the market and to all mobile brands (Apple, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, etc.).


Easy management directly from Lengow!

As with all Lengow feeds, you can manage the display and product information of your mobile application from your Lengow account!

The internet user can also choose to view certain products on his or her mobile phone in real time!


Add a payment method to your product pages!

The new application has pre-integrated the PayPal payment system. Online merchants can offer the purchase of their products directly on their M-commerce store thanks to PayPal.

The tracker TagCapsule measures visits to your M-store!

Lengow’s tracking tool, TagCapsule, is automatically installed on your Mobile WebApp to track the visitors to your M-commerce store.

Quickly and easily activate the visit trackers Xiti or Google Analytics!



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